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My new website is finally up and running, I really appreciate all the support I have received from my followers on LiveJournal over the last six years but I will be discontinuing this blog and continuing at my own domain name.
 I would love for you to take the time to join me. 
Scattered Reflections Studio

See you over there Janet


This is an articulated dump truck used in mining and road construction.  My husband is currently operating an excavator on a major road upgrade on the Cardwell range, about 120km from home.

The truck driver drove through a metre deep hole filled with mud on one side and over rock on the other side which unbalanced the tray and tipped it over.

It is designed with the safety feature that if the tray rolls the cabin doesn’t.

As they are designed with this feature, it is a relatively simple procedure for the excavator driver to hook the excavator bucket over the side of the tray and pull it back onto its wheels.

dump truck

Golf Walk IV

On the weekend we went to Mystic Sands, it was a glorious day and you would hardly think we were heading towards mid winter and the shortest day of the year.

Golf 01

Golf 02

Wood Duck 01

Australian Wood Duck

Wood Duck 02

Also known as the Maned Duck see the back of the male's head

Feed Time

Time for a feed.

Nap Time

Nap time while mum stands sentry.


Art Journal Pages - Self Delusions????

I found the glasses in a supermarket carpark in South Australia when I was on holidays.  My son looked at me and just shook his head at the fact that I had put them in my suitcase and brought them home.  I was sort of  heading towards a self portrait but when I asked my husband if he thought there was any resemblance, he said well maybe 10 years ago and quietly in the background the charming young man says more like 20....

Self portrait

Techniques:  Derwent Graphitints, Sharpie Markers, Gesso, Text Papers, Found Objects

Art Journal Pages and More

After finishing my lessons for the creative embroidery class on Joggles, I took a little time out to create a series of pages on demystifying Art Journaling.  I have created a group on Motley Soul Mixed Media.  There is a pdf to download on creating backgrounds, lots of my journal pages to see as well as insights as to how I go about working in my art journal.  Come and join in the fun.  Join Art Journal Pages and More


Bower Capers VI

This is a photo of the established bower, the plastic container encircled by the pink ribbon is where it all began in this post when I first discovered his bower in 2010.

This guy has been busy, notice the Warhammer 4000 Figure. (At least that's what my son tells me it is.)

bower soldier

wp bower soldier detail

Cold Snap

So we are feeling the cold in the tropics.  Snuggled up in bed watching re-runs of Stargate Atlantis at 18 degrees C. expecting overnight minimum of 11, so will no doubt put the heater on soon.... Yes I know we are wimps.......

cold snap 01
cold snap